Discover Hidden Truths, Understand Medical Facts and Learn Suppressed Secrets to harness your Healing Potential and Unleash Your Self-Healing Power so you have to Never Again Worry About Health Related Issues,

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You Were Warned 3 Years Ago.

Health Is The Most Precious Of ALL Your Commodities! So Safeguard It.

3 years ago, if someone told you the world would be a different place like it is today, would you have believed them? Well, 3 years ago, Dr. Buttar DID tell the world and over 9.2 million people heard him in just the first 6 days after his message was released.

Over the next 6 months, over 500 million people all around the globe heard his message before he was banned from all social media! Today, everything he said 3 years ago unfortunately, has come to pass.

Your Contact Information will NEVER be shared or sold to any other entity or 3rd party. We value your privacy and your confidence in us and we will actively and vigorously protect your privacy!

Now, another massive shift is about to happen again… so if you would you like to know what the most likely things will happen in the next 2 years and what the implications are to your body, your health and your ability to stay healthy, then continue to read ... MORE importantly, if you want to know the best things you can do NOW to remain healthy and protect your health to not just survive, but to thrive, then you're at the right place!

First and Foremost, Realize You’re a Creator, Created in the Image of the Creator,

Which Means You Have the Power To Create Any Desired Outcome You Choose!

All You Need Now Is the Knowledge.

On The Next Page, You'll Learn:

  • to avoid situations where medical facts are ignored. These facts have been censored by the MSM, social media platforms and the medical hierarchy!

  • ...facts disclosed in multiple life changing videos, all FREE including 2 documentaries, 3 life changing key presentations and 6 samples of lectures given at the 3rd Annual Advanced Medicine Conference.

  • ... specifics regarding the truth on numerous health subjects, such as natural immunity has been shown in multiple studies to be 27 times (or 2,700%) more effective than any vaccine induced immunity. A short video explains all the details on the next page.

  • to access the details for a technique known as Autogenous Cell Specific Signaling which has the potential of changing your life. You can learn more details on how you can get full access to this life changing self-care therapy on the next page.

  • ...just some of the lies perpetuated by the CDC in the past which are now known to be intentional deceptions, with 6 specific examples along with all the details for you to review, all on the next page.

  • And so, so much more!  Multiple movies, studies, references and testimonials are all on the next page.

Even if you choose not to purchase the full Advanced Medicine Conference Lifetime Digital Access for the ridiculously low price, the information you will learn for FREE on the next page will literally change your life and that of your loved ones. Simply see the info for yourself. There is absolutely NO obligation. The video segments, original content and published studies on the following page will provide you with a far greater benefit than you could ever fathom!

Why MUST You Access This Information?

Watch These Videos And Then YOU Decide!

3rd AMC - 2021

4th AMC - 2022

This information is for you even if you are:

  • Already familiar with the real facts and statistics as

    published by VAERS and the CDC.

  • A health care provider who feels they have all the information.

  • Of the belief everything that has happened since

    2020 was for the benefit of the general public

  • One who thinks people refusing to take the

    vaccine are tin hat wearing conspiracy theorists!

Past Attendees ...

Just see what people think about the content of the AMC conferences…

2nd AMC - 2020

1st AMC - 2019

If you're NOT a critical thinker, this is information is NOT for you.

But if you ARE a critical thinker, Don’t miss out! This information has been threatened to be taken down, literally. This is not just a weak marketing attempt to make you take action. Consider the evidence:

Five of the current and/or past speakers at the Advanced Medical Conferences have been described as part of the group which brought the truth, facts and science to light.

But these Five were demonized as part of the "Disinformation Dozen"!

If truth and facts are now considered "disinformation" in this upside world,
then we are guilty. The Government has even filed the the largest law suit ever against one of the presenters, a law suite of a half a TRILLION dollars!

$500 BILLION to be specific.

That's crazy!!!!!

But now the tables have been turned on the Government.

Learn the details of this and much, MUCH more!

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